Thursday, January 16, 2014

Coffee Is My Drug.

Since I was a young girl, my family and I would drink coffee all the time.  Sadly as I got older, you listen to the media  and talk shows and wonder what news they have today about coffee...Some would say "don't drink coffee its bad for your health, or "new studies have found that coffee has many health benefits."  So what's a girl to believe.  

The new year is hear and I'm here to help you find simple ways to enjoy whole foods (not processed) you love without having to worry if its toxic to your body.  I want you to enjoy that cup of coffee each and every morning, and know that what you put in your body is healthy and delicious all at the same time.   

Follow me as I take you on a 3 part series about coffee.

  • How to make that perfect brew
  • Learning the health benefits of coffee
  • Where to find that special coffee bean 

Let's get started.


How to Brew a 
Perfect Cup of Coffee

It all starts with finding the perfect coffee bean.  I prefer going with the best quality organic arabica coffee bean.  Yes, it may be pricey, but your body will thank you.  The perfect coffee bean contains no pesticides or herbicides that commercial coffee normally has (no bueno).  To get the best tasting coffee in the morning you have to grind your beans first.  Yes, I know its labor intensive, but you my friend are worth it.  Once you get into the rhythm of preparing your coffee in the morning and have the right equipment to make that perfect cup then it comes easy.

Water - To get the best tasting coffee water plays an important role.  Choose cold fresh filtered water every time and no more tap water.   I prefer distilled water, because you get the true flavor of coffee.  You can purchase gallons of distilled water at any grocery store.

Now that we discussed the important ingredients to that perfect cup of brew, lets get into the equipment.  Remember we are trying to make the process simple.  I use a French Press and a Percolator.  I prefer the Percolator, but feel free to use whatever coffee maker you have.  If you use an Automatic Drip, please make sure that you purchase filters that are unbleached or you can purchase a Gold Tone Metal Filter (not expensive). It's your choice.  

Coffee Grinders
You can find a good coffee/spice grinder for under $20 on Amazon. You can also read the reviews and decide which is better for you.  Here are two that I recently found.

$17.25 Krups Coffee/Spice Grinder

$17.99 Secura Coffee/Spice Grinder

Coffee Makers
French Press
  • Add 6-8 ounces of filtered Hot Water (not boiling)
  • Add 2 Tablespoons of your freshly ground ORGANIC Coffee Bean 
  • Stir, cover and let steep for 4 minutes.  
  • Press and Pour into your favorite cup and enjoy.

  • Add the amount of water needed
  • Remember 2 tablespoons of Coffee Bean per 1 cup of cold filtered water.  If you're making 4 cups, then 8 tablespoons of freshly ground coffee beans are needed.
  • Plug your percolator in and let the magic begin.

Now that you learned how to make that perfect brew, I do hope that you consider purchasing organic coffee beans and eliminate the toxins that you would normally get from commercial coffee.

Stay tune for the next post where I share with you the delicious benefits of coffee.