YSF About

Hello & Welcome, my name is Betsy Padilla

YSF is my journey to eating healthy and living a lifestyle that is right for me and my family.  I'll admit, I have a great passion for food, and I love to read and watch what other passionate foodies are doing.  That's why YSF is on a quest to finding the best tasting foods and recipes that will help balance my body, plus help me lose a few lb's along the way.

By watching cooking shows, reviewing restaurants, food blogs and learning about the latest food trends, I am gong to share with you my finding and thoughts on recipes that are simple to prepare and heart healthy for the body.  I'm excited to deliver all my findings, and I hope that I inspire you on my journey to healthy eating.

My other passion that I want to share with you is my love for Kundalini Yoga.  I find that any and all physical activity promotes overall wellness, but KY has helped me connect with myself in a way that I never thought I could.   It has taught me awareness; and patience, and it helps me control my negative emotions that always come to surface when I practice KY.  I consider KY a treat, and I stay committed to doing it 5 days a week.  It helps me connect to spirit, and I feel that it 's transforming my life and health.  Plus, it is so beneficial for the body, that I'm confident you'll love it too.