Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Organic. Delicious. Convenient.

Start the school year off right, by choosing Door to Door Organics.  As the kids head off to school next month, its hard to complete every task on that to-do list. Well, help is on its way.
Door to Door Organics is an online Organic Grocery store that has partnered up with local farmers that take pride in delivering to its customers fresh organic produce and natural groceries that’s pesticide free and non-GMO. I choose them, because they’re organic, convenient and they deliver right to your doorstep for FREE!

How does it work? It’s Simple! You have the option to choose from Bitty, Small, Medium or a Large organic box. You can choose both Fruits & Vegetables, Vegetables or Fruit only. I have chosen to receive a small delivery box Bi-Weekly filled with vegetables. Friday prior to my delivery, I receive an email from them letting me know what I can expect from my produce box. If there are some items that I do not wish to receive and want to replace with other items, I simply go online (once you have registered), log-in and change my options. It’s that simple.
If you are in or near the Elmhurst area, delivery service is on Wednesday’s.  Simplify your life and choose Door to Door Organics! The produce is fresh, the service is great, and the option to choose quality over quantity, priceless.

Interested in receiving your own produce box?

Here you go... $10 off your first order. Click on the link and you are on your way to a healthy and convenient path to whole living. “Eat the way, Mother Earth” Intended.”

They have tons of recipes online to simplify your menu planning and come up with simple healthy dishes and treats for you and your entire family.  Use this promo code for your special offer. 


Friday, July 12, 2013

The New Sugar - Coconut Sugar

It's time to take control of your health and eliminate that white sugar that sits in your cabinet and replace it with Coconut Sugar.  Coconut Sugar has been around for quite some time, sadly not in our country, but you can find it in Southeast Asia.  Now, you can easily find it at your local health food store.

We all know that white sugar leads to many health problems.  Take control and do your body good. 

Say goodbye to those nasty artificial sweetners and say hello to Coconut Sugar.

It does the body good.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sticking to a Habit When Life Seems to Fall Apart

a: a behavior pattern acquired by frequent repetition or physiologic exposure that shows itself in regularity or increased facility of performance

Monday, March 11, 2013

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Hello Everyone!

Hope all of you or at least some of you are SWISHing with Extra Virgin Coconut Oil everyday/every morning.  It has been over 3 weeks for me and all I can say is that it works for me. 

Coconuts a.k.a. "Tree of Life," has many healing benefits.  This nutritional fruit produces water, milk and oil.  Plus you can use its coconut meat to prepare delicious smoothies and other raw foods.  Myself, I primarily use Coconut Oil as a moisturizer, SWISHing in the morning, and I also cook with it. 

This fruit has so many healing benefits and there are tons and tons of studies that prove that it works.  Stay Tuned.

You want to see dramatic results, then include Oil Pulling in your morning routine.  Its a simple routine.

I'm not a Doctor, nor a Medical Professional, nor am I a Licensed Nutritionist, I'm a Holistic Wellness Coach who is in search of Nature's Natural \Cures.  Information on this site should never be used as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.  Always consult your physician for advise.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Coco for Coconuts!

If there is a miracle food on this planet, it's Coconuts.  Not too many people love the taste of coconuts, but I sure do, and it has so many healing benefits.  BONUS, its great for WEIGHT LOSS.  

Coconut Oil is Anti-Fungal, Anti-Microbial, Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Viral.  I'm not a professional doctor, nor am I'm a licensed nutritionist,  I'm a Holistic Health Coach who is trying to find simple solutions and share my experiences with you, my readers.  Always consult your doctor for all medical advice.

Its been over 2 weeks since I've been SWISHing and all I can say is that it works.  I also started incorporating 2 teaspoons of Coconut Oil daily.  I'm down an inch in my waist and thighs.  OH YEAH!  Can I hear a "Say What!"  Coconut Oil  has also wiped away my Chronic Fatigue in just days.  I love the way it makes me feel.  Trust me, I've been on many diets and never have I ever experienced results like I do with Coconut Oil.

Who would have thought that something as simple as SWISHing and adding Coconut Oil in my smoothies or just eating it in its raw form would make such a huge difference.  Please note, I eat very healthy and I fuel my body everyday with delicious and nutritious foods, but never have I seen major improvements since incorporating Coconut Oil into my daily regimen.

Check out my delicious Coconut Smoothie.  Can you see how I'm coco for coconuts.  Oops, I forgot to add Coconut Oil into this picture.  When preparing smoothies for yourself and your family, please make sure that all ingredients are Organic.  You & Your Body Deserve It.

Berry Coconut Smoothie

1 cup of Coconut Milk
1 Teaspoon of Coconut Oil
1/2 Cup of Coconut Water
1/2 Cup of Blueberries (Organic)
1 Cup of Spinach (Organic)
1 tablespoon of my David Wolfe blended SuperFoods
1/2 Frozen Banana or 1/2 Banana & 5 Ice Cubes

Place all ingredients in a high powered blender (NutriBullet) and blend away.  Its delicious and filling.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Everyday we wake up every morning and do our normal routine.   Before we head out to work or take the kids to school, its important to make the transition as simple and productive as possible.   Whatever it is, you have your routine.  Wouldn't it be great to do your daily routine and at the same time Reboot your Immune System.  Well you can, its called "Oil Pulling".  Its an Ayurvedic Healing tradition that has existed for thousands of years. In a previous post, I talked about Oil Pulling and the importance of Oral Health.  It's a simple way to de-tox-i-fy your body, so you can FEEL HEALTHY & GREAT!

Join me as we go on a 30 day detox, and at the same time learn the importance of Oil Pulling and Coconut Oil.  This detox is inexpensive and you can immediately get results.  Below, you will find the procedure to get started.

If you are ready to feel great, here' are the supplies you are going to need to get started.  I will be here to support you along the way.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Pop, Popping, Popcorn