Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kundalini "Ana Brett" Style Part 2

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KY is a part of my daily life and continues to be the path I have chosen to detoxify physically and mentally.  On May 16th, I began my 40 day practice.  Normally I would do KY 4-5 days a week, but I'm curious to see where this daily practice will take me.

Recently, I asked Ana Brett  what collection of DVD's she would recommend for someone beginning a Kundalini journey that wants to connect with spirit, get on the path to health and happiness and lose some weight at the same time?

Ana Brett
For a beginner looking to lose weight (or anyone interested in weight loss) we always recommend Fat Free Yoga.  That DVD was created because it was our way of bringing something that we had been observing for years, into the mainstream: namely that Kundalini Yoga, the style of yoga on our DVD's, leads to dramatic weight loss.

Fat Free Yoga is a comprehensive and fun workout.  Its easy to get into, you can do just one of four 15-20 minute sets, or do the entire thing.  You will work all of the major muscle groups, etc., but the most important thing Fat Free Yoga does is work on the glands.  As we say on our DVD, "Your life is in your own glands!"  A healthy and balanced glandular system makes all the difference for weight loss and beyond.

The meditations at the end of that program are easy to follow and interesting too.  They work on the inner aspect of weight loss.  Ultimately to be successful at anything, we need to work on the inside out and feed our souls.

Breath of Fire - You mentioned before that its a great metabolism booster, and when I do it I experience a slight burning sensation in my nose. Is this what I'm suppose to feel?  For folks that do not know what the Breath of Fire is, can you please explain it to them? 

Ana Brett
Sometimes people experience a slight burning sensation whey they first start practicing Breath of Fire.  This simply means that they are eliminating toxins.  Its actually a good sign!  Better to deal with old toxins now than to have them deal with you later!

Breath of Fires is one of the most important breath practices in Kundalini.  It's also called Bhastrika.  Breath of Fire is a somewhat quick rhythmic breath through the nose which puts an equal emphasis on the inhale and exhale.  When doing the "Breath of Fire," the lungs act like bellows and pump oxygen right into the bloodstream, actually, much more effectively that the cardio-vascular effect of speeding up the heart rate which is why we say that the Breath of Fire is "more aerobic than aerobics!"  Breath of Fire also massages the pituitary gland.  When that is stimulated, all of the other glands come into balance.

If you haven't tried any type of yoga and are interested in starting, I would recommend Kundalini. Kundalini is gentle, yet powerful.  Ana Brett & Ravi Singh are professionals and they are great at guiding you along the way.  Try the DVD or take a class and see if its right for you.  All I know is that Ana & Ravi will not disappoint.  They have over 40 years of combined experience and they definitely practice what they preach.

  I'm not a professional and always recommend that before
starting any kind of exercise routine,
consult your doctor prior to practicing. 

I will post Kundalini "Ana Brett" Style Part 3 interview next week.  You'll enjoy it, because Ana was kind enough to share with me her delicious recipe "Lime Lickey."  I already made it and took pictures to show you how delicious it looks and tastes.  Please stay tune. 

Thank you for reading my post and I look forward to providing you with simple recipes that are "nutritious and delicious."  Stay tuned.

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