Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Everyday we wake up every morning and do our normal routine.   Before we head out to work or take the kids to school, its important to make the transition as simple and productive as possible.   Whatever it is, you have your routine.  Wouldn't it be great to do your daily routine and at the same time Reboot your Immune System.  Well you can, its called "Oil Pulling".  Its an Ayurvedic Healing tradition that has existed for thousands of years. In a previous post, I talked about Oil Pulling and the importance of Oral Health.  It's a simple way to de-tox-i-fy your body, so you can FEEL HEALTHY & GREAT!

Join me as we go on a 30 day detox, and at the same time learn the importance of Oil Pulling and Coconut Oil.  This detox is inexpensive and you can immediately get results.  Below, you will find the procedure to get started.

If you are ready to feel great, here' are the supplies you are going to need to get started.  I will be here to support you along the way.

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